Visitors Medical Plan

In simple words, visitors medical plan is a medical coverage provided to the visitors in the US. Due to high cost of healthcare services in the US, it is highly recommended to purchase visitors medical plan. Taking the problems of the visitors into consideration, many insurance companies have come up with innovative visitors medical insurance policies.

Market is now flooded with a number of insurance policies and plans for visitors. Hence it is highly advisable to opt for a genuine policy that can actually help you.

Fortunately, Visitors Medical Protection provides medical plans for visitors in every reasonable as well as reliable way. We aim to provide high end medical benefits to visitors who often face the scrutiny of out-of-pocket medical expenses. We can help you select the best possible plans for you, so that during the time of real need our strategy would be ready to serve you.

Our policy stands apart from our counterparts in the following ways:

  • Applicable for both US citizens (moving abroad) and non US citizens (moving to US)
  • Easy to purchase and renew
  • No paperwork, can be obtained from internet
  • Low cost Travel Insurance
  • Basic medical benefits
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation